Workout: Thursday 02/19/2015

Chief Sean O’Day displaying full extension of shoulders and elbows overhead!  Unfortunately, Sean will be leaving us for awhile as he is going on deployment.  We are inviting everyone to attend a special send off workout this Sunday at 11am: The “Mean Green 400.”  This workout is courtesy of Rx Smart Gear’s Double Under St. Patty’s Day Challenge…scaling options will be available for everyone.  Please bring your own beer (or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice), a designated driver if you are going to drink, and a puke bucket!




Level 2’s!!  Tyler will be conducting another “Crucible” workout this Saturday at 10am…


As of this week, there will be no more 10 am classes.  Instead, we will be offering the 12 pm class everyday (Monday through Friday).


This Saturday, Feb 21st from 2-3pm please come join us for trampoline dodgeball at SkyHigh Sports!  Address is 8190 Miralani Dr, San Diego, CA 92126


Monday, Feb 23rd we will be hosting a Paleo Potluck from 7-8pm.  For those of you doing the fitness challenge, this will be a great opportunity to try and share recipes!


Level 1

1 Mile Run

30 Squat Cleans 95/63#

30 Floor Press

30 Push Jerks

1 Mile Run

Post time.

Extra Credit

Max Reps Unbroken Pull Ups


Level 2

15 Min Time Cap

9-7-5 reps of

Deadlifts 315/225#

Bar Muscle Ups

Thrusters 155/103#

Rest 5 Min

5 Min Max Reps Burpees 6″ target

Post time and reps.

Extra Credit

Max Reps Unbroken Pull Ups



Barbell Club

Power Snatch: 3 x 1 @ 70%, 3 x 1 @ 75%

Power Clean + Jerk: 3 x 1 @ 70% (of PC), 3 x 1 @ 75%

Post loads.


  • Nik Hodge 18 Feb ’15

    You’re welcome guys 🙂 without much persuading I got T to throw that level 2 up

  • Newman 18 Feb ’15

    Good one Nik! That’s the heavy weight work out from Rush Club only not as heavy (thanks Teshina and Nik). Can’t wait to do Level 1!! lol

    For those interested in the Mean Green 400 it’s a spin off from the Beer Mile in which runners would chug a 12 oz beer then run a 400 meter for 4 rounds for time. Throwing up is instant disqualification. We “CrossFitized” it by turning it into chug a 12 oz beer then do 100 double unders repeat for 4 rounds. 100 double unders takes roughly about the same amount of time as a fast 400 meter run. We hope everybody comes out to participate or cheer everyone on.

    The big head to head match up is between Joe Craig and Milly aka XL Femur. We can put together a betting pool on that match up if anyone’s interested.

  • Maddie 18 Feb ’15

    @Nik Thank you!! LOVE the muscle ups. Although, I could do without the thrusters.

  • Teshina DeBoer 19 Feb ’15

    Rose 34:30Rx 53#
    Rob 34:57Rx EC 15
    John N. 22:40Rx EC 26 ODB
    Erika B. 34:46 EC 18 mod
    Joe 30:45Rx EC 12
    Carolyn 32:52Rx EC 15 mod
    Emily 25:00Rx
    Diana 29:11Rx
    Terry 23:38Rx
    Anthony 27:55Rx EC 1 ODB
    Cathy 36:03Rx (row)
    Clara 35:55
    Jennifer 38:41 EC 13
    L2 Josh C. 53/50Rx

  • Briley 19 Feb ’15

    If I don’t drink beer, can I take a shot of something?????

  • Paul 19 Feb ’15

    Linda 34:18 Rx
    Tina 34:18 Rx
    Riva 36:42 Rx
    Jeff J. 36:42 Rx
    Alex D. 58/50 Rx

  • Paul 19 Feb ’15

    Isabella 24:21
    Monica 24:20 Rx

  • Ray 19 Feb ’15

    Fair winds and following seas to you Senior Chief.

  • Teshina DeBoer 19 Feb ’15

    Sam 29:04Rx
    Ashley 27:00 (-1mile)
    Steven 40:00 (-1mile)
    Ryan 21:29 mod
    Brian B. 34:10RRx
    Garison 26:12Rx
    Newman 21:46Rx EC 34
    Christina 29:57
    Susan 54/34Rx EC 12
    Adam 53/43Rx EC 21

  • Court 19 Feb ’15

    I’ll be dropping off a bunch of beer (courtesy of Mike Hess Brewing)—but like the workout, they are bigger than average—16 ounce cans. so be tough. There will be honey-wheat, a blonde style (Kolsch) and IPAs.

  • Teshina DeBoer 19 Feb ’15

    Paul S. 31:04Rx
    Warren 33:57Rx
    Marissa 34:12Rx EC 10 mod
    Keighly 30:00
    Sara 49:41Rx
    Christina G. 38:05Rx EC 5
    Jill 22:26 (1/2 runs)
    April 39:10
    Sonya 40:00 mod
    Shiloh 23:05Rx EC 13
    Jacob 31:50Rx
    Brian T. 24:54Rx EC 16
    Jimmy 30:53Rx EC 6
    Dylan 27:00Rx
    Jean 31:41Rx EC 6
    Ira 50/27Rx
    Briley 13:13Rx/–
    Milly 53/59Rx
    Pat 14:43/45Rx EC 10
    Chad 11:35/68Rx EC 5 ODB
    Brad B. 46/58Rx EC 15
    Sean 14:46Rx/59Rx
    Chris B. 57/59Rx EC 9
    Tyler R. 10:45Rx 405/185#/61Rx

  • Teshina DeBoer 19 Feb ’15

    Jeria 42:30
    Chris F. 26:29Rx EC 8
    Tsu 42:30Rx
    Julia T. 30:22Rx
    Carissa 34:46
    Damien 35:45Rx
    Robbie 32:32Rx EC 15
    Danny 33:04 EC 10
    Faith 33:04
    Hannae 40:57
    Milly 28:27Rx
    Terry W. 12:45Rx/?
    Nik 8:06Rx/50Rx
    Maddie 50/61Rx
    Tiffany 12:10/–
    Jake 33/56Rx
    Trapp 14:57Rx/60Rx
    BBC Kelley 73/78/108/118#

  • Teshina DeBoer 19 Feb ’15

    Nick 33:42Rx EC 3
    Gary 28:16Rx (row)
    Jess 31:20 (-1400M)
    Berenice 37:11
    Toni 44:33
    Nik –/EC 25
    Trapp –/EC 36 ODB <——beast

  • Adam 20 Feb ’15

    I thought he was a Senior Chief?


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