Workout: Thursday 03/12/2015

How do you test your fitness?  What drives you to train so hard and gives you the most personal reward when you out perform previous tests?  I feel the things we do outside of the gym is the reason for putting in the hard work inside of the gym.  Any thoughts?




Level 1
EMOM for 10 minutes
Odd: 5 Back Squat @ 70% 1RM
Even: 5 Weighted Pull Ups or 5 Strict Pull Ups or 5 Kipping Pull Up
(challenge yourself by whichever is more difficult for you)
3 Rounds
25 Wall Ball 20#/14#
10 Burpee Pull Ups
Post loads and time.





Level 2
5 Rounds
35 Double Unders
7 Power Snatches 135#/95#
7 CTB Pull Ups
7 Thrusters
Post time.





Barbell Club
Snatch: Heavy Single
Clean and Jerk: Heavy Single
Post loads.






CrossFit Old School
5 Rounds
250m Row
25 Squats
25 Sit Ups
Post time.


  • Teshina DeBoer 12 Mar ’15

    Happy Birthday, Vince!!

    Vince 405#/3:31Rx 30#
    Cathy 75#/10:46Rx
    Carrie M. 125#/8:51Rx
    Barbara 85#/9:45
    L2 John N. 31:27Rx
    Rob M. 17:00Rx
    Diana 15:20Rx

  • Tina 12 Mar ’15

    9 AM
    Tina 115#/9:33Rx
    Monica 24:29
    Kenny 24:20Rx
    Essence 34:33
    Roselynn 18:30Rx
    Alex 15:20Rx
    Laurie 20:03Rx
    Scotty 16:02Rx

  • Tina 12 Mar ’15

    Joe B 145#/6:28Rx
    April 75#/11:25
    Riva 100#/11:27
    Berenice 75#/19:56Rx
    Felica 15:48Rx

  • Teshina DeBoer 12 Mar ’15

    Irma 35#/5:00
    Cami 35#/8:28
    Warren 165#/10:00
    Rey 65#/8:20
    Ashley 65#/10:13
    Aileen 95#/10:21Rx
    Candace 135#/8:53Rx
    CFOS Paul F. 15:46Rx

  • James B 12 Mar ’15

    In regards to your question above, absolutely. Everything done in the gym helps me in life outside the gym. I’m way more durable at work, during play, and day to day activities. My fun “outside” the gym play time, even the hardest efforts, pale to what I’ve trained for in the gym.
    Thanks Paul

    • CFEC Staff 12 Mar ’15

      Thanks for the comment. I know for a fact that you apply gym work to what you do outside the gym. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. You are an incredible competitor and very talented athlete. I appreciate your dedication to your fitness and how you apply it to your athletic performances.

  • Joe B 12 Mar ’15

    I test my fitness through competition. Although I am competing against others it is really about a challenge against myself mentally and physically and building myself to come stronger in both. That is what allows me to be competitive and drives me to train hard. I also enjoy testing my fitness by doing active challenges I have never done before, it is enjoyable first to see if I can even do it, then how well or not so well I did it and realizing if I continue to work at it I can do it better. My personal reward is completing a goal although I do fail, and for some strange reason there is something special about failing at something and then coming back and succeeding. An example of that is this morning I failed at 3 attempts at heavy snatches (heavy for where I’m at). I failed today but am confident there will be a day that weight goes over my head, and with that I will smile. Besides that I like to stay healthy for myself, my wife my kids so I can take care of them and my home.

    • CFEC Staff 12 Mar ’15

      Thanks, Joe.
      You, too, have an impressive athletic resume. Your efforts in training, in order to achieve those impressive performances, are really what sets you apart from your competition. You are so right on about learning from “failing.” You’re failures are not really failures, but advanced learning experiences. Great post, Joe. Thank you.

  • Teshina DeBoer 12 Mar ’15

    Nicole 85#/9:46
    Alfredo 115#/8:44Rx
    Mark 115#/18:13
    Kevin C. 125#/17:09
    Bear 295#/10:48Rx
    Jimmy 225#/8:00Rx
    Marissa 95#/8:44
    Christina G. 115#/18:59
    Brian 185#/11:31Rx
    Chris F. 160#/9:45Rx
    Aaron S. 205#/12:35Rx
    Hannae 75#/9:02
    Pat 175-205#/11:12Rx
    Chris B. 28:31Rx
    Brad B. 32:00Rx
    Dylan 35:34 115#
    CFOS Jean 16:15Rx

  • Teshina DeBoer 12 Mar ’15

    Amanda 65#/6:18
    Danny 125#/12:54
    Faith 55#/7;57
    Jill 65#/7:18
    Clara 85#/11:14
    Toni 65#/9:19
    Rachel 55#/11:48
    Linda 95#/14:55Rx
    CFOS Trapp 16;00Rx +10P/U ODBx5
    Tiffany 20;23
    Ira 25:20 mod

  • Teshina DeBoer 12 Mar ’15

    Nick 295#/9:48Rx
    Wendi 125#/12:39Rx
    Roarke 105#/9:40 2rds
    Jennifer S. 75#/8;34 2rds
    Claudia 100#/10:39Rx
    Nuria 155#/8:25Rx
    Joe 205#/12:00Rx
    Tim 145#/17:20Rx
    L2 Jessica K. 34:38
    Milly 13:30Rx
    Julia 16:53Rx
    Pam 17:28Rx

  • Chris Frank 12 Mar ’15

    This is a very interesting question, and I felt compelled to respond. When I joined Crossfit East County, I was overweight and unhealthy both physically and in my overall mindset. After two years of training with you, I’m by no means the strongest or fastest crossfitter, but I can tell you that Crossfit East County has not only changed my body but also my mind and attitude in life. Most importantly, I’m a better husband, son and friend, and I owe that transformation to Crossfit East County.

    • CFEC Staff 12 Mar ’15

      Thank you for sharing. That’s a great testimony to how CrossFit works for everyone in a different way. What you get out of it doesn’t have to be measured in ways that we all expect, but in ways that are only quantifiable on a personal basis. Thanks, again, for commenting. Keep it up, Chris.

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