Workout: Friday 05/06/2016

In keeping with CFEC’s 9th year anniversary, here’s a picture from 2003 at our very first location that was called La Mesa Workout. We started out as a personal training studio and grew into what you all are a part of today, CrossFit East County. There are a couple people in this picture that are still part of our family. Can you guess who they are? I’ve loved every minute of this long and joyous journey.

“Fight Gone Bad”
With a continuous running clock, perform as many reps as possible in one minute of each exercise for three rounds. There is a one minute rest between each round.
Max reps of:
Wall Ball 20#/14#
SDLHP 75#/55#
Box Jumps 20″
Push Press 75#/55#
Calorie Row
Post rep total.


  • Paul 6 May ’16

    Michael 212
    Tyler H. 222 Rx
    Erika 225 Rx
    Jennifer 227 Rx
    Jake 274 Rx
    Barbara 277 Rx
    Carolyn 316 Rx PR
    Chris F. 258 Rx
    Amadi 337 Rx
    Tim R. 212 Rx

    • Rob 6 May ’16

      Hey Paul!!!!

      You forgot my whopping score of 227!

  • Ray 6 May ’16

    Sonya, Rose and Tina…I recognize some other faces but don’t recall their names. Congratulations Paul on nine years as a CF Affiliate. Thank you for your coaching, insight on training and encouragement. Start planning now for the tenth anniversary party next year.

  • Linda 6 May ’16

    Congrats Paul! The Aiken Family has enjoyed watching every step in your journey to where you are today. Still remember those mile runs around the block at La Mesa Workout❤️ Can’t wait for the next 9 years! We love you😊

  • Teshina DeBoer 6 May ’16

    Steve A. 252
    Jill 206
    Walt 271 mod
    Ed A. 283Rx
    Mike S. 220Rx
    April 209Rx
    Travis 215
    Ed M. 259Rx
    Berenice 115Rx

  • Teshina DeBoer 6 May ’16

    Barbara 291Rx
    Nico 178
    Elizabeth 193Rx
    Tina 307Rx
    Jennifer 198
    Shannon 234
    Jeff M. 204Rx
    Jesse 259Rx

  • Teshina DeBoer 6 May ’16

    Vince 262Rx
    Briley 356Rx PR
    Anthony 290Rx
    Angel 121
    Court 252Rx
    Chris B. 282Rx PR
    Carissa 211Rx
    Danielle 343Rx
    Wendi 202Rx
    Aileen 217Rx
    Brittany 214Rx

  • Tina 6 May ’16

    Mark 216Rx
    Dave K 187Rx
    Rob H 200Rx
    Josh 253Rx
    Jim 227Rx
    Linda 232Rx
    Lauren 332Rx PR
    Ira 252RxRx
    Lina 325Rx PR
    Sonya 198
    Shane 231Rx
    Jean 223Rx
    Christina 238Rx
    Tommy 235Rx
    Scott O 221Rx
    Jeff S 304Rx
    Trapp 302Rx
    Sloane 352 mod
    Gary 254Rx
    Steve O 307Rx PR
    Clara 175
    Brent 312Rx PR
    Mike 222Rx
    Rich 185Rx
    Rachel 203
    Greg 201Rx
    Ronnie 197Rx


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