Workout: Monday 05/30/2016

Happy Memorial Day. Please, take the time to thank all of those who currently serve or have served in our nation’s military services. Most importantly, keep in mind those who laid down the ultimate sacrifice for those of us who are able to partake in the freedom they fought to protect. In their memory, CFEC will do Hero workouts to honor them. God Bless America!

8:00 Class only today.

Choose one:

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run
Partition as needed. Wear a 20# weighted vest if desired.
Post time.

“1/2 Murph”
800m Run
50 Pull UPs
100 Push Ups
150 Squats
800m Run
Post time.
This is not really a Hero workout, but it is posted for those that need scaling.

3 Rounds
800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit Ups
Post time.

3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans 95#/65#
30 Pull Ups
800m Run
Post time.


7 Rounds
10 Dumbbell Hang Split Snatch Rt. arm 40#/30#
1 Rope Climb 15 Ft.
10 Dumbbell Hang Split Snatch Lt. arm
1 Rope Climb
Post time.

Alternate feet in the split snatch sets.

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  • Tina 30 May ’16

    Tim 58:02Rx 20#
    Trapp 56:01Rx 20#
    Jake 63:50Rx 20#
    Jennifer 62:02Rx PR
    Anthony 50:10Rx 20#
    Maddie 60:29Rx
    Rob 50:19Rx
    Chris B 59:40Rx
    Gary 48:41Rx
    Sloane 48:41Rx
    Barbara 61:54Rx
    Danielle 40:17Rx
    Amanda 62:07
    Lisa 54:13
    Briley 54:20Rx 10# PR
    Jesse 52:56Rx 20#
    Jean 74:31Rx
    Jeff 63:10Rx 20#
    Essence 68:00Rx
    Erika 68:00Rx
    Sean 49:15Rx 20#
    Terry 52:28Rx
    Ira 84:33Rx
    Ray 63:20Rx
    Andrea did it!
    Shane 50:01Rx

    Chris F 28:35Rx
    Jeff M 30:33
    Micheal 25:49
    Nico 35:00
    Jason 24:00
    Abraham 49:00
    Carlos 49:00
    Blake is back!
    Scott W good job!
    Delilah 35:40
    Tiffany 22:41Rx
    Susan 27:50

    Cathy 29:25
    Carolyn 36:30Rx

    Vince 23:14Rx
    Dylan 26:16Rx

    Lina 30:04Rx
    Amadi 29:51Rx
    Tina 39:39Rx
    Jill 46:15
    Pat 38:00 “McBadger:
    Carrie M 43:49Rx


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