Workout: Friday 08/26/2016

NOTICE: This Saturday’s classes will be held at Coronado beach, near the main lifeguard tower. There will be works at 8 and 9 Saturday morning. Come join in on these fun workouts.

This workout is dedicated the memory of San Diego Police Officer Jonathan “JD” De Guzman. “JD” was killed in the line of duty last month.

In Teams of 2
4 Rounds
P1 800m Run
P2 50 Wall Ball 20#/14#
50 Alternating Burpees (p1 and P2)
50 Pull Ups (Split)

P1 Runs 800m, P2 does 50 Wall Ball. When both partners finish their exercises, they will alternate doing Burpees. After that, they will split the Pull Ups as desired. Once the Pull Ups are finished, the partner that ran will do Wall Ball and the partner that did the Wall Balls will run 800m.
Post time.

The San Diego Police Officer’s Association has established a fund for Officer De Guzman’s family. Donations can be mailed to: San Diego Police Officer’s Association, 8388 Vickers Street, San Diego, CA, 92111. Checks can be made payable to the San Diego Police Officer’s Association (SDPOA). Please write “Officer Jonathan De Guzman” in the memo line. All Donations will go directly to the family. The SDPOA is also accepting online donations. Please, indicate “Officer Jonathan De Guzman” in the notes of your donation. You can do so through the SDPOA at:


  • Paul 26 Aug ’16

    Rose / Paul 37:27 3 Rds.
    Barbara / Tyler H. 53:42 Rx
    Cathy / Vince 48:41 Rx
    Amadi Rx / Milly Rx / Kayla 48:12
    Tim D. / Teshina 36:35 Rx
    Newman / Rob 40:49 Rx

  • Teshina DeBoer 26 Aug ’16

    8 and 9 am
    Alex/Heather 33:31Rx
    Ed M./Travis/Walt 44:00
    Monica/Lisa 45:08Rx
    Jill/Amanda 48:50

  • Teshina DeBoer 26 Aug ’16

    JoJo/Essence 43:52Rx
    Briley/Ed A. 35:32Rx
    Clara/Joe Rx 50:40
    Sam/Court/Mac 40:49Rx
    Christina 36:04

  • Tina 26 Aug ’16

    AnthonyRx/Scott 45:45
    Nicole/Amy/Virdiana/Tina H 35:54
    Dalton/Monica 37:17Rx
    Mark/Elizabeth 65:11Rx
    Ivette/Brittany G 47:50
    Rick/Allison 52:32
    RyanRx/Brittany 47:03
    Trapp/Steve O 30:25Rx
    Chris B/Jean/Tyler/Severen 27:32
    Sami/Linda/Jim/Tina 27:35
    SHELLY/sonya/SARA 51;43
    GARY/sloane 34;30rx
    Christian/Blake 37:39Rx
    Carrie/Terry 36:15Rx
    Ray/Wes 38:00


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