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So what is this Crossfit thing? Crossfit is the fastest way for you to become the strongest most balanced version of yourself.

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Are you getting Results? So how is your current programing working for you? If you are killing it on your WOD or Getting Killed Take a look at L2.

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Are you looking to get better at Crossfit? If you have done the Open and want to get better then you need to work smarter and harder.

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400 M Run

4 Rounds Tabata Thrusters (Same load for Thr, PP, PC)

21 Deadlifts

4 Rounds Tabata Push Press

18 Deadlifts

4 Rounds Tabata Power Cleans

15 Deadlifts

4 Rounds Tabata Burpees

12 Deadlifts

4 Rounds Tabata Pull-ups

9 Deadlifts

400 M Run

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Remember this Saturday the 5th the 8am class will be held at Parkway Middle School at the Relay For Life event.  This is a 24 hour event and all of your families are welcome to attend to help us walk. Follow the website address attached to obtain directions, all the info and to sign up.

We hope to see all of you there!

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