Prospective Members

Dear Prospective Member,

Welcome!  As a prospective member you probably have questions regarding basics like class schedules and fees.  Answers to those questions can be found below but as the owner of CrossFit East County there are a few aspects of our gym I’m particularly proud of and want to make sure you are aware of.  If you drop by while one of our classes is in progress you are likely to see members merely looking to improve their fitness and competitive athletes training alongside each other. We have members young and old, male and female, hyper fit and those totally de-conditioned, all looking to make personal gains.  Despite this diversity, what you’re sure to notice, and one of the things that sets us apart from other gyms, is our extremely supportive atmosphere.  I’m not talking just about our coaches but also the members themselves.  This is truly a team environment.  Don’t be surprised to see people who’ve finished their workouts hanging around to cheer on people they may have just met at the beginning of the class.  If you’d feel uncomfortable receiving a high five or a fist bump from a stranger, then this may not be the place for you…

CrossFit East County offers customized training to meet the needs and goals of every individual.  Whether you are looking to compete in the CrossFit Games or just want to make sure you can keep up with your kids at the park, there is a CrossFit experience that will work for you at CFEC.  Our experienced trainers will ensure that if you are willing to put in the effort, your goals will be reached.

Questions?  Some of the most frequently asked can be answered by clicking the links below.  Rather talk to me directly to confirm CrossFit East County is the place for you?  Feel free to call and ask to speak with me at (619) 448-0768.  If you prefer, you can email me directly at

Paul Flores
Owner and Head Coach

What types of classes or levels of training do you offer?
We have training specific to beginners, advanced CrossFitters and everyone in between.  Our classes and fees page describes each level of training and describes the basics of the class.

How much does it cost to train at CrossFit East County?
Our fees vary depending on the level of training.  You can find out more by going to our classes and fees page.

Who are you trainers? What are their qualifications?
All of our trainers have been with us multiple years and have the strongest certifications in the industry.  You can learn more about them on our trainers page.

Do you offer one on one personal training?  Do you offer small group training?
All of our coaches are available for personal training both one on one or as part of a small group.  See the personal training section on our classes and fees page.

I’ve never lifted weights / done CrossFit / performed Olympic lifts before. Can you teach me?
Of course!  The majority of our members were new to CrossFit when they joined.  Take a look at the description of our beginner class on the classes and fees page.

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